Library Activity


Library is the treasure house and hub of all academic activities of the Vidyalaya and the JNV Librarian plays a vital role in mobilizing the library resources for the benefit of the students and staff. The JNV Librarian has to follow the guidelines for the effective functioning of the Vidyalaya Library. 

Reader’s club activities.

  1. Promotion of reading habit of the students, staff and the community.
  2. Publication of handwritten magazine on special occasions.
  3. Preparation of wall magazines.
  4. Conduct of reading sessions by teacher to students.
  5. Arrangement of newspaper clippings.
  6. Story telling sessions.
  7. Read a book and review it and book talk.
  8. Exhibit “BOOK FOR THE DAY” and new arrivals in the library.
  9. Inviting Authors / Publishers to Vidyalaya.
  10. Organizing intra and inter-house quiz competitions.
  11. Literary competitions on special occasions.
  12. Visit to District library and publishing house along with students.
  13. Scrap book preparation on Great Personalities and different subjects.
  14. Automation of entire school library accession registers and issue system.1
  15. National Book week Celebration 14th to 20th November (Proposed Activities)
  • Wall – Poster writing competitions.
  • Designing of book jackets book covers.
  • Inter-house quiz competition
  • Essay writing competition in Hindi, English and Regional language.
  • Story writing / telling competitions [in 3 languages]
  • Debate / Elocution competitions.
  • Pick and speak competitions on books / authors /.
  • Review of Books.
  • Organizing talks by eminent writers, publishers and literatures.
  1. Career guidance Programme on a regular basis
  2. Guidance for Common Entrance Test (CET)
  3. Special reference service for Board Class Students.
  4. Sharing of library resources with neighbouring schools.
  5. Mobile library to nearby schools / villages
  6. Encourage the children to procure newspaper for dormitory reading in.
  7. Co-ordinate the publication of school magazine/news bulletins.
  8. Identifying best readers from each class and awarding them to motivate the students to utilize the library facilities to the optimum level.
  9. Installation of computer with internet facility for student and staff to surf and find information. Librarian can also access.
  10. Procuring books from other libraries on/loan for providing reading experience.
  11. Helping students in library based project given by teachers.