Morning Assembly



Morning Assembly is the time when the entire school community assembles at an appropriate place to affirm the school’s identity and aspirations. The school assembly is the best forum to inspire and motivate students. It serves as a platform to develop self confidence, acquiring knowledge and information, creativity and aesthetic sense among students.  We must ensure that monotony does not set in. 

It is mandatory on the part of the Principals, Vice Principals, all the teachers and students to attend the morning assembly on time. HMs/AHMs are to ensure the participation of all their house students in the morning assembly activities by turn.

The vidyalaya prayer is recited with dedication and emotion.  Other activities are  properly worded and modulated with variety. As for as possible the content of the speech to be day’s specific and edited properly.MOD is invariably address the morning assembly.  It is  conducted in all the three languages by turn. All activities are performed within the time limit and students leave the assembly to their respective classrooms in an orderly manner.  The school band is used at the time of conduct of the prayer and during the dispersal of the students.





1 Roll call House wise/Class Wise 2
2 Navodaya Prayer 3
3 Meditation 1
4 Pledge 1
5 Thought for the Day 1
6 News Reading (International, National, Regional, Local & Sports News to be incorporated) 3
7 Students Talk/Vocabulary Enrichment/Quiz/Book Review/ Recitation/Conversation 3
8 Community Song 3
9 Address by the MOD/Principal 2
10 National Anthem 1