Scouts & Guides


 Vidyalaya has a functional Scouts & Guides Unit. Students who are in Scouts and Guides would enjoy outing in the lap of mother nature, gets satisfaction in helping others, and brave enough to face challenges.   Hence the students involve the Scouts and Guides in self learning and other social activities of the Vidyalaya on the campus to make them more self motivated, Trust Worthy, Loyal, Friendly, Courteous, Environmental conscious, self disciplined, courageous, and pure in though, work & deed.  Scouts and Guides is encouraged for the following proficiency badges which depending upon their age group:

Eligibility for Course Of Activities & a Age Sopan Gap Between
10Yrs Entry
10Yrs Pravesh & Investiture Three Months
11 Yrs Pratham Sopan 9 months from Investiture
12 Yrs Dwitya Sopan 9 months from Pratham Sopan
13 Yrs Tritya Sopan 9 months from Dwitya Sopan
14Yrs Rajya Puraskar 12 months from Tritya Sopan
16 Yrs Rashtrapathi Award Atleast 12 months gap from Rajya Puraskar
17 Yrs to 18 Yrs Rovers